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Article No. 2 | January 28, 2021.

How is Artificial Intelligence transforming web design and development?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has penetrated almost every possible industry. Nobody can stay away from its magic.

A machine that thinks and acts like a human?

But with almost no errors?

That is indeed a tempting deal that no one wants to give up.

Right from taxi services, food delivery apps to autopilots and chatbots, AI is ruling the rooster. And the pandemic has made no dents in its progress. This technology is gaining more and more momentum as we speak.

The arena of web development is not immune as well. And that’s how it should be. AI has great potential to bolster your website. The desire of users to get a combo of comfortable experience and customized content are at their peak now, thanks to Covid19. And this where You can use AI to keep up with high user expectations combined with a practical web design.

Web developers and designs can use AI in diverse ways. AI can find out about your customers’ exact likes and dislikes and deliver that with finesse. It can help right from picking out the suitable layout, font size, color, style, and theme as per your company’s genre.

One such developer based out of Ottawa, Canada, is Backlit. Backlit has worked closely with Ottawa’s business community for 19 long years. We offer web design services for both small businesses as well as large enterprises.

Let’s look at how AI is propelling change in the web development field at a grassroots level:

Software development made easy

Building a website demands a lot of coding, which in turn requires a considerable amount of manpower. For making a web application, designers have to code and be well versed with scripts like Java, HTML, CSS, etc. Each page in a website had to be coded individually. This is a labor-intensive and cumbersome process.

But now, thanks to new inventions in AI, machines can do all of the above for us. This is where Machine Learning, a subset of AI, comes into play. This is one of the most crucial web development tools used now. This can easily make a website from scratch with little or no assistance from humans. It can replicate all tasks done by humans. What’s better?

It can adapt quicker than us and learn from new entries and experiences.

Enhance user experience

AI can build a website just like humans, and it can do it even better. And this directly translates to a better user experience. This is because AI knows and can gauge what customers want to see and in what manner. We humans can predict this only to an extent.

For example, Chatbots is a creation of AI that almost all websites have now. It reduces the burden on customer care executives to a large extent. And in turn, it saves time and money for the company. Voice search solution is another popular end product of AI. Applications like Alexa and Siri have changed the entire web surfing experience of users. More such AI powdered additions can become a central feature of your website.

Upgraded the quality of e-stores

E-commerce has been a thriving part of the internet ever since its introduction. And the pandemic has further augmented its growth. And AI is an extremely useful tool to turn websites into functional e-stores.

As personalization is the strongest quality of AI, you can use it effectively in online shopping. AI-powered websites throw up results according to the exact specifications keyed in by the user. Also, recommendations that come up while browsing an e-store have a 30 percent possibility to increase sales, explain studies. These are possible due to AI as well. Pretty much everything that makes our online shopping experience easy and smooth is due to AI.

Visit Ottawa based web developers, Backlit, who specialize in creating AI-backed websites for e-commerce stores.

Artificial Design Intelligence: No more a thing of the future

AI and web design have been going hand in hand for quite some time now. This is not a futuristic collaboration any longer.

AI can manage everything that makes your website. This includes the basic design, typography, animation, graphical elements, style, and more. This is particularly useful when you have to update your website and add more pages. Maintenance and up-gradation of any website can be done effectively by AI.

As new concepts are uncovered in software tech every day, AI will incorporate them into your website. ADI works pretty much like a Subway outlet. You choose the bread, cheese, veggies, and your meal will appear exactly how you want it.

Major revenue builder

AI and machine learning combined are powerful revenue builders for any company. According to tech experts, this will grow into a 118 billion dollar industry by 2025. And it started to be just $350 million worth back in 2016. It has achieved exponential growth in just five years, and so have the businesses using it.

As AI increases the usability of a website, more customers are bound to visit it. This directly translates into money. And it not only makes the company richer, but it also saves money. According to a survey, by 2022, AI will save $8 billion worth of online companies’ management costs.

It saves time as well. A study by Juniper Research found out that by 2023, chatbots will save 2.3 billion hours for companies and consumers alike.

Human and Machines: How AI strikes a perfect balance
It’s been quite some time since humans have gotten over the fear of being replaced by robots. Instead, we learned to work along with them to our advantage. With advanced algorithms and procedures, AI is effectively bridging the gap between human cognition and machine automation.

Several surveys have proven that AI has cut down the working hours of professionals and saved time for the company. This, in turn, improves their focus and efficiency in matters that need it more. PWC, an auditing and consulting firm, found that 72 percent of CEOs said AI helps their employees concentrate on more meaningful work.

To put it in simple words, AI is our computer friend who makes everyday life easier. From replying to emails, putting on the right songs, to finding traffic-free routes, AI has helped us in every step

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