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Increase sales with a website that is both attractive and works on all devices. We have over 19 years experience in designing and developing effective, eye-catching websites that use the latest technologies so we can craft solutions that are fast, modern and provide the user with an engaging experience.

All the websites we create are responsive websites, a responsive layout will automatically adjust itself and adapt to any device screen size, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone ensuring your customers have the best possible experience.

Content Management System - CMS

Many of our clients need to update there own website content, whether it's a blog or a complex data form we create websites that are very easy to update with a user-friendly online content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or a custom solution using or PHP.

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Shopping Carts and E-Commerce Solutions

Whether you are selling a single product, multiple products, collecting payments for invoices or donations we can provide a solution that will boost efficiency and streamline business practices.

Depending on your requirements we can craft a custom shopping cart or payment solution, we also develop Shopify Shopping Carts and PayPal payment solutions.

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We take care of everything for you so your website can get to work.

A good website:

  • Expands your client list
  • Builds brand credibility
  • Makes your life easier
  • Doesn’t have to be a huge pain to set up! (Really.)

A good website is consistent and credible

Shop owner packaging a product sold online.

Website Design Packages

First impressions count. If your visitors don’t have a good experience with your website, most if not all, will simply move on to the next website, your competition. We design and create attractive easy to use, professional websites that represent your company and engage your customers.

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  • 3+ Page Website Design
  • Responsive Website That Works On All Devices
  • Optimized For Search Engines
  • Up to 5 Stock Images
  • Contact Email Form
  • Free Support

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Our Most Popular Package!

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  • 8+ Page Website Design
  • Responsive Website That Works On All Devices
  • Optimized For Search Engines
  • Up to 10 Stock Images
  • 1 year SSL Encryption
  • 1 year Hosting
  • Email Accounts Setup
  • Contact Email Form
  • Estimate Email Form
  • Free Support

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Start Selling Online!

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  • 3+ Page Website Design, Including Shop Page
  • 5+ Product Pages
  • Up to 5 Stock Images
  • Optimized For Search Engines
  • Checkout Pages With Credit Card Processing
  • Responsive Website That Works On All Devices
  • SSL Encryption Included
  • Contact Email Form
  • Training
  • Free Support

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Why Choose Backlit Media for Website Design in Ottawa?

Highly skilled workers – We have a team of experienced designers who have rich and diverse experience in all aspects of Web designing in Ottawa. We only employ highly qualified and talented designers. Hence each website design created by them is a masterpiece. These websites have the inherent ability of extensive outreach, and they bring in the highest return on investment.

Cutting-edge technologies – We are highly passionate professionals who are always at the forefront of the latest web designing technology and advanced coding standards. Our time- tested processes are ever-evolving to match industry trends. We invest heavily in the assemblage of the latest tools and techniques. Our culture of always learning puts us well ahead of our competitors.

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Exhilarating designs – Your website is your window to the world, and you need it to attract the attention of your target audiences. That is why we create stunningly, beautiful designs that raise the oomph factor. Our websites go beyond being just visually appealing but also enable your businesses to get the results that you require.

One-on-one Consultation – Every prospective customer is unique, and we give the individual attention they deserve. Our initial one-on-one consultation is absolutely no obligation and free. We collect information regarding your unique business model and distinctive requirements. We also provide an overview of your final product with different options for functionalities that will suit every budget. 

No Outsourcing - All Backlit Media websites come with a guarantee of complete satisfaction and excellent quality. It is because the same qualified experts uniquely craft all projects that you meet and speak to regularly. We do not get your work done behind the scenes by third- party vendors or offshore designers.

Improved ROI – Our website comes with associated analytical tools that visually represent results against each of your business objectives. It identifies areas of improvement. It also helps you to concentrate your efforts and investments towards important business objectives, thus maximizing your ROI. Our websites are optimized to increase website traffic, the number of leads, conversion rates, and social media reach. 

Scalable Website – We have a team of visionaries in Ottawa who can build websites that can meet all your requirements and grow along with you. Our sites have an inbuilt bandwidth to sustain a hundredfold increase in traffic. Additional functionalities that may be needed can also be easily programmed. The reactive framework makes your site adapt to any type of device. 

Keep our commitments – High standards of business ethics form the basic fabric of our company. We are committed to helping our clients succeed. We recognize what you need and paint a clear picture of what you will get. We are known for exceeding client expectations. Our tailor-made websites are sure to impress you and woo your clients.

Continued Assistance - We don’t consider a job completed after we launch the website. We provide round the clock support as long as you need it. Our support experts are approachable and available. We support you by continually updating your website based on user feedback. We also help to increase visibility by doing search engine optimization and increase traffic through digital marketing. 

Fully Proficient – The team that works on each project is highly proficient in the nuances of website designing. They are highly talented and experienced professionals who have been doing this for almost a decade. It gives them the uncanny ability to know what will work under different circumstances. Our experts are proficient at helping you to win more business.

Effective Landing Page Design – Since we begin with a clear idea of your objectives, it becomes easy for us to focus the web functionalities towards the achievement of these. We do this by optimizing the landing page to improve the performance of your site. The landing page will showcase your branding, logo, and colors and helps you reach the right users. Quick Page Loading – We appreciate the value of time. We work hard on achieving the industry-best page loading time for our customers. As we optimize the entire website, it performs flawlessly across all current browsers and devices. We position and deliver a logical flow of information and functionality to your users. It will give them a delightful experience. 

Adequate Documentation – We have a superior process that requires complete start to finish documentation. Our project plan gives you a high-level overview of the project milestones, objectives, target users, color - design theme, structure, and functionality. First, we will send the documentation form to the client to get the approval. We will start working on deliverables only after ensuring the complete satisfaction of the documentation. 

Fully Transparent – Clients are involved in every stage of development. Regular meetings ensure you are fully aware of the progress, milestones, and issues. Your requirements are at the center of what we do, and we don’t sell you features you don’t need. You will be the sole owner of your website once we handover it to you.

Site Progress Monitoring - Following the launch, websites are closely monitored using advanced analysis tools. We provide data Keywords commonly used by your target users. It will help to measure the actual results against the business objectives and trends of products that are in demand. We communicate it in the form of a simple jargon-free report of your success story.

No Extra Charges - The invoice for final payments are an exact reflection of the estimates we committed. We arrive at forecasts after performing a fact-finding exercise of your business requirements, challenges, and competitor research. Thorough research will ensure that our estimates are accurate. There are no last-minute surprises or hidden charges, and we will provide value for your money. 

Long-lasting Partnership - Each customer is more than just a business deal for us. Each website is an opportunity to form lasting partnerships. That is why our past clients always keep coming back to us for any website needs. About 90% of our new clients are from client referrals, which is a testament to our par excellent work.  Are you looking for the Top-rated Website design company in Ottawa? Then, call us at (613)225-8658 to know more.

How We Became the Best Web Design Company in Ottawa?

An Exceptional Portfolio - We have worked with clients of various sizes from start-ups, mid- size companies to multinational enterprises. Our clients belong to a broad spectrum of industries. Each client is unique and has specific business needs that we fulfill with our dynamic websites. Each client gets a website that is entirely tailor-made for their business.

Creative Design Team  - Ours is an Ottawa’s award-winning team best- known for our creative designs and innovative features. We can give businesses the type of website that can steal hearts and blow minds. Our sites often set new standards for creativity and intuitiveness. Based on our client’s idea and budget, we can put together an out-of-the- world web experience.

Searcher-Friendly Design - A great business idea or a stunning website, is worthless unless it reaches the target audiences. Once we identify the target user’s key competitors, we do robust research on trends and patterns and perform the required adjustments. It ensures that the right people always find our websites, and you have the edge over contenders.

We Listen to Customer requirements - We start by getting to the bottom of what makes businesses tick. It is the unique lifeline of our clients, and it needs to be reflected in their website. We ask smart questions, listen, and learn about their business. We provide an expertly-crafted data-driven recommendation to bridge the gap between clients and their customers.

Compelling UX Designs - We understand successful websites need to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. In today’s age, users have several choices, and competition is fierce. To stand out, we strive to deliver a trouble-free purchase experience. Our competent user- experience causes increased conversions, sales, and customer loyalty.

scalable Website Sites

Sensible Pricing - Our industry-renowned services and skilled website designers arrive at competitive pricing. We provide an accurate quote at the start of our interactions with prospective clients. We also give an idea of any additional costs that clients are likely to incur; we don’t hold any hidden charges. Our pricing is flexible to suit any budget. 

Effortless maintenance - Our websites are known for their content management systems that are easy to update. Following the design and deployment of each site, we provide comprehensive training to the in-house IT teams of our clients. This feature of Backlit Media empowers our clients so they can independently update the information to keep pace with their ever-changing business. 

We keep up with Industry trends - The digital world keeps changing, and it gets updated regularly. Innovations in the codes, tools, and software, platforms, and algorithms are introduced every second. Companies that do not keep up are bound to fail. We have a culture of always learning and get exposure to every innovation via conferences and industry-accepted web designing forums. Speak with our experts to know why we are the Best website development company in Ottawa. Get a FREE Consultation now! Types

Types of Web Design Services We Provide in Ottawa

eCommerce Websites - Building an eCommerce website is an excellent way to have a global reach. It increases your brand value and builds your customer base. We offer customized and template-based eCommerce services. We develop product catalogs and filters based on thorough research on user patterns. Our responsive online shopping portals have a seamless payment gateway and logistic integration. 

Small Business - We help you take small, smart steps on the path to long-term, sustainable growth. We specialize in world-class websites, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, UI/UX prototyping for small businesses. Design Your Small Business Website & Look Professional Online. Get the flexibility and pricing of a small agency without compromising on website quality.

Corporate Websites- We build informative and branding theme based websites for our esteemed customers in the corporate world. These websites typically require multiple password-protected log-ins and frequent blogs. Apart from that, it also requires white papers, easy content modifications, multiple device flexibility, and data security considerations. We offer professional websites, and that can be adapted to suit your business.

CMS Website Design - We have a high focus and specialized team that builds CMS solutions. These user-friendly solutions make managing websites content-manageable even for beginners. It lets you wear your creative hats and breathe new life into your existing websites. It helps you to act on feedback from users to advance the site’s features and functionality.

Custom Web Design - Each of our websites are built by experienced web designers from the ground up. It ensures that our outcomes are fit-for-purpose and stand-out from the competition. Our Ottawa web design team consists of problem solvers with an in-depth knowledge of aspects of web designing, and we know how to make your website work for you and engross your users.

Personal Web page - You can use your imagination to find exciting ways to share a story. A personal webpage boosts your profile when it comes to a job opportunity. We create spectacular webpages for you that can influence the viewer to contact you right away. The website can be the perfect channel for the inner artist and creator in you.

E-learning‎ Website - E-learning websites provide access to high-quality education for everyone from anywhere. We integrate interactive technologies to create an engrossing learning environment. We develop modules that are compliant with international standards and curriculum. Our learning platforms integrate functions of live streaming, learning community interactions, online exams to help students learn on their terms.

One Page design - A current trend in web development to convey vital information concisely. Our highly skilled content creators are skilled at summarising large amounts of material into easily digestible capsules. The liberal use of images and charts help in creating a lasting impression. The one- page design aids quick assimilation in a short timeframe. We Are The Best Website Designing Services Provider in Ottawa. Have a Question? Contact Us Now!

Our Web Development Process Flow

Precise Estimates - We start by understanding your business, industry, and challenges. Then, we complete our research of your competitors, target users, and brand. This information helps us visualize the overall web design project. We provide you with a clear breakdown of the cost associated with each project. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, providing value for money.

Requirements analysis - We have a comprehensive questionnaire that all our potential buyers are requested to complete after our initial consultation. Through this, we gather essential information on your business goals. This phase marks the basis of further project planning. We collaboratively decide and agree with the clients, what are the required features and functionalities are. 

Project Milestones - Our planning process is exhaustive. We make accurate predictions of how much time the delivery of every agreed milestone will take. We estimate the budget consumption that is associated with this timeline. We schedule meetings in advance around this time individually. This way, you have an oversight of the pace and spending on your project. 

Website wireframe - We build a wireframe to visualize the flow of information and ease of navigation. This critical step ensures that our designers, coders, and customers have the same picture of the outcome. It is a skeleton of the website that shows how each page relates to the next. It also shows the location of each element.  

Content Development Process - Our websites are more than just a pretty asset; our content is primary. We have a highly specialized marketing team that are wizards at crafting compelling content. Alternatively, we work seamlessly with content provided by clients. We incorporate all the commonly used search terms so that the right people find these websites at the right time. 

QA Bug Fixing - Our coders are doyens with an in-depth knowledge of building bug-free and impeccable websites. Nevertheless, all sites are subject to the highest standards of testing right from the early stages of web designing. We examine all aspects of the website, like performance and compatibility. This approach reduces the overall project time and costs by avoiding re-work.

Website Launch Review - Website launch strategies are an essential factor that determines its success. Strategic timing, smart marketing, and real-time content management can drive steady traffic of visitors and buyers. The initial few days are crucial as user inputs, reviews and feedback are received. We have a strict one day turnaround time to update any issues identified.

Updates Support - Building websites for us means forming long-lasting relationships. For this reason, we invest heavily in its results by supporting search engine optimization, continuous improvement, constant support, and troubleshooting assistance. We offer 24 / 7 support services for our websites at menial prices. Apart from this, we can effortlessly keep our CMS enabled websites up-to-date.  We are offering Affordable Web Development Services in Ottawa. Need a website? Get a FREE Consultation now!

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