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Did you know that 55% of small businesses don’t have a website?

That might seem surprising, but what’s even more surprising is that the biggest reason these businesses cite for not opening one is that they’re scared their business will expand too much and become too profitable for them to control.

Sound like the kind of problem you’d like to have? Having a great website is a the way to get there, and setting one up doesn’t have to be hard.

Backlit Media can help you get your website up and running, putting you in your target market’s path in a consistent and credibility-building way.

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Get your businesses online

No matter what you’re marketing on your website, your brand is what you’re truly selling when a potential client encounters your company’s online presence. Aside from maintaining a great social media presence, having an online home for your business is critical for reaching the widest possible audience.

You want to make that first point of contact an experience that turns a potential customer into a repeat customer.

Working with Backlit Media, you’ll get your online presence up and running without all the hassle of coding a website, paying for a host, hiring a designer and copywriter to make it look and read nicely, and all the other chores that come with website design.

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We take care of everything for you so your website can get to work.

Backlit will create a beautiful and responsive online home for your brand. Seamlessly.

A good website:

  • Expands your client list
  • Builds brand credibility
  • Makes your life easier
  • Doesn’t have to be a huge pain to set up! (Really.)

A good website is consistent and credible

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Having a good online presence puts your brand exactly where your target market expects to find it. This is what builds credibility!

A beautiful website with the right features, a catchy URL, and fantastic search engine rankings will convey to your market that you’re an established business in the forefront of the field, and they can trust you.

Even if they sold the best product in the world, a company without a website is always going to look like a garage operation to anyone under the age of 50.

Websites are no longer optional for businesses looking to grow and survive in the long term - they’re required.

Having a great website can only help you, and not having a website will only hurt you; which one will you pick?

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Websites put you where your customers expect to find you

The best news of all is that doing all this can place you right where your customers want to find you, building your credibility and your brand without you even trying.

With Backlit, all you have to do is give us the go ahead, and we’ll take your business online for you and put you right where your target market is searching for you.

Sound interesting? Ready to get found?

Give us a call and we can chat about it.