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How We Became the #1 eCommerce Web Design Company in Ottawa?

We Listen. We scope all our projects extensively before formulating a campaign plan. We believe in collaboration and like to listen to your expectations from us. We discuss the campaign details and requirements with you and ask the right questions. We understand your brand mission and formulate the perfect plan to ensure success and customer engagement.

We are Affordable. Backlit Media is one of the most competitively priced eCommerce website design companies in the country. We offer a wide range of e-commerce site design services under one roof. Our pricing plans are flexible and positioned to suit every type of budget. We have no hidden fees and charge you only for the services you use.

Openness. Our company believes in openness in everything we do. We explain our processes and policies clearly during negotiations. We welcome our clients to ask us any questions to ensure complete peace of mind. We send regular status updates during each stage of the website development. We ensure your feedback and suggestions are incorporated.

Honesty. We are an honest company with unshakable integrity and ethics. We give you a detailed breakdown of the pricing for your website project. Every aspect of the development is charted out for you. We are open to questions, and our support teams are proactive in helping you with any queries you may have.

Wide Range of Services. We specialize in a diverse range of e-commerce website development services. You benefit from a wide service range under one roof. Apart from design, we also offer development, testing, and maintenance services for eCommerce websites. We assist with SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing services for your eCommerce website. All our services are delivered in-house without any outsourcing.

Small Business Website Design

Exceptional Support
Our well-trained and professional customer support team in Ontario is always willing to assist clients. We ensure that we will solve any reported issues within stipulated timelines. Our dedicated project managers update you on project status and take swift action to resolve any glitches. Our support staff is easily reachable by phone or e-mail on all business days.

We use Proven Techniques
Our methodology for website development is the best in the industry. It incorporates the best coding and design practices to deliver a world-class website. We follow industry standards to build a secure website. Our methodology is based on Agile principles, which enable phased and timely project delivery. Our proven methodologies are unique and result oriented.

Skilled Team
We are proud of our skilled and experienced team of designers and developers located in Ontario, Canada. Our team has years of experience in eCommerce design and development. The best agencies in the industry have certified us. We follow the latest trends in website design and development. Our team uses the best software tools to build your website.

You can count on us when it comes to adapting to modern trends and unexpected scope changes in your website requirements. Our team of professionals in Ontario is flexible to changes without drastically delaying the timelines. We are technically sound to scale up our design or development process quickly. Our adaptability and flexibility are our greatest assets.

Available 24/7. Our dedicated customer service teams work round the clock to support all our client needs. We realize that websites may require immediate technical support at all hours. We keep your e-commerce website downtime to a minimum by attending to these issues at any time. We are reachable 24/7 by phone and e-mail.

On-Time Delivery. We have a track record of delivering our e-commerce website projects on time while maintaining high quality. We meticulously plan our projects using the Agile methodology revered in the industry. It enables us to chunk the project in smaller phases. We track and complete each phase as per planned timelines and update you on delays.

Expertise Our team’s expertise and skill in designing and developing e-commerce websites are unparalleled in the field. We have proven experience in developing some of the most visited e-commerce websites in the world. We have experience working with the latest front-end and back-end technology to build you a secure website. We constantly learn and innovate.

Whether Your eCommerce Website Needs a Slight Refresh Or Complete redesign, get in touch with us. We are an award-winning Website Design Company in Ottawa, Canada.

Benefits of Web Design for Your ECommerce Site?

Small Business Website Design

Worldwide Reach. Getting a professional and secure website for your e-commerce business pays big dividends. You can establish your brand visibility globally. Your customer base expands worldwide, which increases your credibility and revenue generation. Customers trust a professionally designed website. A good website increases visitor traffic from around the globe. Your reputation as a trusted company increases significantly.

Increased Visibility. An e-commerce website with good design and intuitive navigation increased your visibility online. Our team in Ontario, Canada, will incorporate the best industry SEO practices during development. Web design, when coupled with digital marketing, your website is promoted across a wide range of customers globally. Happy customers on increase word-of-mouth publicity for your site, adding to your brand visibility.

Gain Client’s Trust. A professional e-commerce website increases customer loyalty and trust. It sends out a positive message that the company has invested and worked hard to establish its brand. They will be confident in their purchasing decision and trust you with ethical conduct and superior customer service. Gaining customer trust is crucial to building a successful business.

Build Long-Lasting Relationships. You can leverage your e-commerce website to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. Sophisticated analytical and reporting tools give you actionable insights into your customers. They provide information about their buying habits and the latest trends. You can use these insights to stock up your inventory to give them what they need and build strong relationships.

Reach Target Audience. The biggest benefit of an e-commerce website with good SEO is the accuracy with which you can target specific audiences. You can reach your desired audiences more easily than other methods. Your reach is global, allowing you to reach target audiences in far-flung places. It significantly boosts your revenue and attracts the right customers.

SEO. SEO for e-commerce websites is a surefire way to get your products visible online by search engines. When SEO is incorporated well, your website will show up in the top search pages. It will increase visitors to your website, making it popular online. The benefits of SEO include higher conversion rates and increased lead generation.

No Time Constraints An online marketplace stays open at all times and all around the year. It isn’t constrained by business hours, unlike normal stores. It enables a consumer to purchase without being restricted by timing. It also means that you can convert a new customer visit to a sale anytime, which boosts your revenues.

Availability of User-friendly Features. Ecommerce websites are user-centric platforms that are designed for easy and intuitive navigation. Your customer needs not to be tech-savvy to make an online purchase. Robust search and user-friendly design make it simple to purchase a product. Flexible and secure payment and delivery options increase customer trust and promote your brand.

Compatible with all devices. A sizable section of the population access eCommerce websites from their mobile devices. It’s important that your e-commerce platform looks great and works well on mobile devices. It should be compatible with devices of varying sizes and deliver a consistent and secure browsing experience. Ensure that you test the site on mobiles before deployment.

Branding. E-commerce websites put your brand firmly online. It establishes you in the online retail space and brings about increased brand visibility and awareness. More customer visits and sales bring credibility to your brand and encourage future sales. Your brand becomes reputable and recognizable to your customers. A good website makes you stand out from competitors.

We are a full-service brand and Web Design agency in Ontario, Canada, that can elevate your business. Get a FREE consultation now!

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